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  • UPDATED 7/15/2022

  • 165 Royal LED Light models are now available through our online store!  More details to come!

  • 5 year Limited Warranty on all models! 

  • * Residential estimates are on hold until further notice. 

  • * New Structures requesting New electrical installation estimates are delayed until further notice. 

  • * Our new HVAC department is now suspended indefinitely based upon lack of faith in quality and reflection of the Royal reputation. 

  • *  New policy and procedure for request. All request shall be submitted online or through the client portal, 

  • * Residential & Commercial Generac "Installations" are still delayed because of the impact of COVID19. 

  • * Generac is still providing a 7-year free, FULL warranty for every unit installed under Royal Electric, along with other perks.

  • Our website is now under Contruction to provide clients with our electrical distribution options. 

  • Royal Electric and Design inc is under a temporary outage and responses may be delayed during this transition of structure and services offered.  

  • All payments can be accepted online regardless of the restructuring process. 

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7/17/22 | 11:46 PM

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